Artist Statement

My paintings relate to what I see and feel both in nature and urban settings.  Memories of colours, textures and forms from country and city walks, travels or just sitting around contemplating nourish my soul.  Painting is the vector by which I materialize this inner world.

Recently, the human figure has become my preferred subject.  Working mainly with live models, I draw with pencil and charcoal on paper to capture my immediate impression of the subject. Observing and drawing a person during a few hours is a fulfilling exercise that leads to an enhanced painting experience. These sketches and drawings become raw material for my paintings.  I start a painting with marks and shapes on the surface.  Mixing the colours and searching for the right hue and tone follows and is the core of my work.   

Mylar is a favourite support for its smoothness and the nervousness of a mark made on it. It is a perfect companion to my gestural brush stroke and mounted on wood panels it becomes a permanent hard surface.