Finding photos of my grand mother’s life as a young woman in the early 1900’s to the forties uncovered traces of absence and presence in fragments of my memory. These albums full of small black and white snapshots telling stories repeated through generations led me to reflect on the momentum between absence and presence in life. This law of nature informs my body of work, where the figure featured alone or in groups lives in an imagined universe. 


I start with a drawing that expands into a new existence as a rich palette of muted colours sets a mood and atmosphere. My process is tactile applying with fingers and hand multiple layers of oil paint mixed with cold wax in a constant back and forth of adding and erasing on the surface and redrawing the forms with pencils over and through the paint. 


The figure is now at the center of my artwork but thinking and creating around this theme is spurring new ideas that widen the connections I make with other possible ways to express the ebb and flow of absence and presence. This body of work is called Legato which means in music notes played in one breath.

memory boxes 30x36 in oul on canvas_edited.jpg