My art explores the theme of absence relating to the passage of life cycles. I paint faces and the human figure to unearth images archived in memory and traces of people and events blurred by time which are like a palimpsest I use to mold a presence.


As I was looking at my grand mother’s old photo albums full of small black and white snapshots telling a life story, I started to reflect about the rhythm between absence and presence wheeling in and out of life. It became the theme of this new body of work in which I use photo references as well as my own live model drawings to paint faces and figures in the muted atmosphere of an imagined space.  I love the painting process where the images take on the life I give them.

I use oil paint and cold wax in a very tactile process building layers. It is a constant back and forth of adding and erasing on the surface and redrawing the forms with pencils on and through the paint. The title of this body of work mirrors the circle of life as it is called Legato which means in music notes played in one breath.

Memory Box (1)_edited.jpg